Fur has always been considered a symbol of luxury and elegance, the object of desire of every woman in the world. Lucarella Pellicce Italia embodies a wide range of qualities in order to satisfy every customer requests, the attention paid to the latest fashion trends, an entrepreneurial attitude offering very exclusive styles born from the creativity of important craftsmen. Classic and innovative styles become expression of a timeless and unique material: fur.

Luigi Lucarella, CEO and founder of the company, belongs to the third generation of furriers, the one and only heir of a long tradition started in 1958. Behind this burgeoning empire, Luigi Lucarella works with his innate passion, unfailing eye for woman’s needs and desires, deep knowledge of raw materials. Everything is wisely mixed for a 100% made in Italy success.

Lucarella Pellicce garments are highly appreciated thanks to the strict selection of fur types and the meticulous attention paid to the manufacturing process and details. The company focuses on special creations made of minks, chinchillas, foxes, Russian sables and Swakara. Skins are bought at the most prestigious auction companies in the world. LP exhibits at the most important fur fairs.